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Professional pixel wrangler. Adobe + Figma maestro. Digital visual storyteller. Synthesizer Audiophile. Lover of all things raster & vector.

With over a decade of experience as an illustrator, designer, and animator in brand marketing, I am on a quest to push the boundaries of digital art and help companies embrace bold, adventurous design and branding. I want to create memorable user experiences with the most cutting-edge technology available.

Currently, I am the founding member of the creative team at Canal, an innovative e-commerce platform specializing in curated brand partnerships.

For the last three years, I've been helping design the branding for the unicorn startup turned multibillion-dollar rocketship, Flexport, where we've been reinventing the world of global trade.

My licensed video game merchandise designs are at Hot Topic, Target, Kohls, and Amazon. I also go by the alias "Prolific Pen” and write the popular webcomic Prolific Pen Comics, which currently has over 145K readers across social media.

Specialties: Ability to Quickly conceptualize abstract concepts into cohesive, eye-catching visuals. Deep understanding of traditional art techniques and the fundamentals of design. An optimistic and energetic supporter of my peers.

Read my absurdist comic strip on
Twitter @ProPenComics
Instagram @prolificpencomics
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